My 12 Month Loans – Year Long Loans

Many consumers and families across the UK have been experiencing tough economic times in the past couple of years. This has been occasioned by the global economic downturn the Euro crisis and even due to the UK government austerity measures. Many people got laid off from their jobs and others are on reduced pay. This has made times really hard not just on individuals but also on families. Many people now need a hand up and specifically access to credit facilities such as loans. Unfortunately banks and other institutions are hesitant to lend to the public due to certain fears and policy decisions. This why more and more consumers seeking cash loans come to organizations such as ours for easy friendly and affordable payday loans.
We are a new organization that is registered by the UK government to provide financial assistance to residents of the United Kingdom. As a registered and financial services firm we operate only online with and in accordance to regulations laid out by the government. We are overseen by the financial services regulator. This means that all our loans are safe and all our lending practices approved by law. In fact we offer some of the most affordable unsecured loans in the industry. Many consumers have been coming to us and have been happy with the services provided.
To qualify for a loan with our institution we only need our customers to have a job that pays a regular salary or wage. This is essential as the salary that our client has is pretty much the one and only form of security that we require to stand for the cash that we will make available to them. Other requirements include possession of a bank account a valid identity document such as a driver’s license and that the borrower should be at least 18 years of age. These are the very easy and simple requirements that we have so that a borrower can access our easy loans. The application process for those who qualify is very simply easy and convenient. This is because applicants do not need to come into our premises. There are no copies to submit verification procedures and other tough conditions with hundreds of documents required.
An applicant seeking our pay day loans simply needs to get onto our online profile and then click on the application form. This is a single form and is the only application form required. All the information necessary will be contained in here and if an applicant submits a correctly filled form within suitable period of time will get to receive the loan money within a short time period. The application will be processed within a short time and funds can be accessed within a brief period of time. Many have access to the loans via their bank accounts within a few hours after application. The funds can be withdrawn at any time with the use of an ATM card.
The repayment process is also pretty simple and straight forward. The loans are normally lent out for a period of one month as they are known as payday loans. This implies that the applicant will be expected to repay the loan at their next payday. However if a borrower needs more time to repay the loan this can always be organized by the lender. As a responsible lender we always understand our customers and will be willing to assist them in any way possible. This is important because the income that a customer has is basically the only security that will stand in for any loan that we advance to our customers.
Payday loans have proved to be a lifeline for many UK borrowers. Many families have benefitted from this facility and have used the funds to get out of trouble meet some personal needs take care of emergencies and even sorted out their lives. The money that is lent out to customers can be used in any way the customers desire and we put no caveat on the usage. Our customers need not submit any security in place of the loan as we do not require security such as car titles or land titles. Instead the worker’s salary will provide a security for the loan.

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